Having a facial once in a while can sometimes give you that luxurious feeling of being pampered. And, of course, it is something that most of us deserve after hours of working in the office or in studying at school. The only problem is that since the pandemic and with the surging cases of COVID-19, going out can be a little bit difficult.    

Spas in Scottsdale will definitely give you the service that you need. They have professional people that will give you the utmost service you deserve. However, if you are not vaccinated yet, we advise that you stay at home and make sure that you are safe, as well as the people around you. Luckily, there are a lot of products and techniques that allow you to take facial steps in your house conveniently. Read through and we will share with you these steps to make things more convenient on your end.  

Everything you need to know about doing facial at home  

Your skin is in a more protective mode during the day and is more relaxed at night. This is why most of the treatments and products are advised to use during the night before you sleep.   

The first step is cleansing. Without proper cleansing, all of the products that you use for your face will have no effect. When you are fond of wearing makeup during the day, you should cleanse it with water and soap, and with oil. Make sure that you remove all the makeup residue. You can start by putting on the lotion on your face and then massaging it through. Next, cleanse again with the foaming gel to remove all the residue of the makeup.   

After the cleansing would be the exfoliation. Exfoliation enables your skin to breathe and remove dead skin cells, which helps the product to be absorbed by the skin. When using exfoliation products, it is important that you seek first professional help. They will identify the type of skin that you have and recommend a good exfoliation product for you. Using a product that is not fitted for your skin will burn your skin.   

After exfoliating your skin and removing dead skin cells, we recommend steaming. You can steam by using steam equipment or by using hot water’s steam and towel. There are a lot of known benefits of steaming including slightly dilating your pores, melting the oils, and making dirt extraction easier. Moreover, steaming also increases blood flow and effectively hydrates your skin. After steaming, you would not want to leave your skin unattended as it will get tight. It is the very reason why you need to moisturize after steaming. It is important not to escape the moisturizing process.  

Take note that before you moisturize, you will need to treat pores or any skin marks using a cream or any product that you usually use. Treating may also include extracting some whiteheads, blackheads, and pores and putting vitamin C and E afterward.  

After extracting, treating, and moisturizing, it is now time to massage your face. For a perfect guide on how to massage your face, you can visit Forbes’ site.